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What does validating a web page mean

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If you have complex or just plain ugly Web page code, or you’re having issues getting your pages crawled and indexed, validating your code to W3C standards might help.On the front page of the W3C’s Web site is a sidebar called W3 A to Z, which contains all sorts of links.As Roger Johannson writes: Note that "works in any web browser" does not mean "looks the same in every web browser." Making a document look identical across browsers and platforms is next to impossible.Not even using only images will make a website look exactly the same everywhere.

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If your browser won't display the menu, just click on the button and you'll be taken to a separate page with the entire menu displayed in clear, non-Java Script HTML.

They were supposed to say “This is a header”, or “This is a less important header “, or “This is a paragraph “, and by using tags.

The layout of the document was supposed to be taken care of by the browser, without using any formatting tags.

Netscape and Internet Explorer continued to add new HTML tags and attributes (like the tag and the colour attribute) to the original HTML specification.

It soon became more and more difficult to create Web sites where the content of HTML documents was clearly separated from the document’s presentation layout.