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Updating bios bin

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This process will not be supported by Dell Technical Support. Note: This procedure may not work on systems that were not capable of having Linux factory installed.This process will not be supported by Dell Technical Support.I tried a resource extracting tool and there seemed to be many files within the BIO file.

As well, while one of the files tested worked by default in Ubuntu (ex.If you had bothered to read the link I gave you would see you do not need windows running to flash the bios, just a bootable device (floppy drive in case of this board, it does not support recovery flashing from stick).Some more Googling does answer the question indeed, that posting is almost 2 years old. There is an older ready-made version available in there (the end of page 2), after you programmed the chip you can put it in the board and flash the latest bios in the normal way.As Linux and Ubuntu distributions are becoming more and more popular on Dell systems, there are more situations where a Linux only environment is present.If your system is listed at then it supports UEFI capsule updates and can be updated natively within the OS.Choose BIOS-Update method - DOS, Windows or per BIOS-Setup? Please read the README files from your Mainboard manufacturer or PC manufacturer. Please help me and thanks again Brian My laptop also failure (shut down) on updating my bios but now its not starting and there is no any response from laptop and when i press the power button. how to rectify the please any one give me the solution Thank you for your quick reply, and again thank you for your devotion to customers. So, you're saying I should most probably have it replaced altogether?