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Rowdeleted and rowupdating

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Open Visual Studio 2008 and create a new Web Application.This example won’t hook into a database, but we will create a class to mock a table and retrieve data from it instead. This enables you to not display the ID to the user, yet still being able to retrieve it.Run the project and place a breakpoint on the code above. The program will stop on the breakpoint and you will be able to see the selected row index being passed through.You can then use the code below to retrieve the ID value: are a great way to use primary keys without having to display them to the user. Row Command 事件,根据Command Name="Page"和Command Argument="First"来定位到分页列表的第一页。Grid View中的任何一个按钮被点击都会触发Row Command 事件,我们可以通过该事件来自定义处理程序。更多的时候建议使用Grid View内置的属性。下表是MSDN上对Grid View内置属性的一个简单说明。 这里主要有三个方法, Bind Grid View()方法,从数据库提取数据绑定到Grid View控件。 Grid View1_Page Index Changing方法,在用户单击上一页,下一页,首页,尾页的时候,通过 Grid View1. New Page Index语句来设置Grid View控件应该显示的分页数据,然后通过 Text Box tb = (Text Box)Grid View1. I need to use the Row Deleted event to try and reset the data in a dropdown list in the Footer Control.After that, when a user clicks on Edit, the gridview generates an Update button.

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headers This helped me get close to what I needed and I will throw this out there for anyone else who needs it.

Save all or press "Ctrl S" and hit "F5" to run the page, the page will look as in the following image: Click on "Edit the Grid View", it will display Textboxes in each cell as in the following image: Edit the value(s) here and click on the Update link, it will update all the data or to remove it click on the "Delete" link above the image shown.

One note will be helpful for you, while describing Columns in Grid View if you are using a boundfield then create objects of the control using cells[index] in the rowupdateing event of Grid View, but if you are using controls itself like Label or textboxes etc then use Fincontrol("stringid").

If the last name is "Beaver", the delete operation is canceled, and an error message is displayed.

For any other name, the delete operation proceeds and the row is deleted. Rows are deleted from the Customer Address table instead of the Customer table in order to keep the example simple.