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Explaining why he was keeping his distance in the house, he said: ‘I don’t need to speak to her all the time.She knows the score, she knows full well we’re just friends.‘She knows we’re close, she knows the boundaries.Splashing about in the bathtub with the Fulford heir, the blonde businesswoman was probed about their sex life and whether something would happen between them in the house. Following the pair’s candid revelation earlier this week that they had ‘history’, Rebecca, 32, admitted she still fancies her 24-year-old toyboy Kieran on Friday night's installment of Big Brother‘You’ve definitely got an emotional bond’, the posh lad continued. There’s history.’Raising an eyebrow, Arthur declared, ’He is good in bed’, to which she replied, ‘He makes me happy’, before adding that they are unfortunately in different places in their lives due to their age difference.‘Kieran needs a good few years of mucking about’, she explained.Unbeknownst to her, Kieran was in the Diary Room telling Big Brother the exact opposite.She write: 'As most of you know, I never post on social media.

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There’s no feelings behind that.’The pair later had an argument in the bedroom about Kieran’s ‘standoffish’ behaviour towards her.‘All I’ve done is stop flirting with you, I want people to think we’re just friends,’ he said.

Shepherd’s principles are not new, but they are powerfully packaged—and I believe anointed with the Holy Spirit’s direction—as she demonstrates those principles from her own life and the lives of others.

These words by Linda early on in her book will quiet the skeptic who might consider the prayers she has offered (or any material in her book) as formulaic: “I really believe you will experience miracles, not because you will learn how to pray powerful prayers.

The series has already been like a game of dominoes, with two housemates leaving and three celebrity additions last week.

And on Monday night's episode it was revealed that Chanelle Mc Cleary, Joe Quaranta, Rebecca Jane and Hannah Agboola would face eviction on Thursday.