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Mac updating svn

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Net Beans IDE provides tight integration with Subversion client versions 1.6.x and higher.

The IDE's Subversion support is designed to help streamline the development process for groups working from a shared repository, enabling you to perform versioning tasks directly from your project system within the IDE.

This document demonstrates how to perform basic versioning tasks in the IDE by guiding you through the standard workflow when using versioning software.

Please note that Net Beans Subversion support Plugins, open the Available Plugins tab, and install the Bundled Subversion Client for Windows.

Before you can take advantage of the IDE's Subversion support, you need to have Subversion client software installed on your computer.

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It can be helpful if you'd like to track how your documents have changed over time or to recover an older version of a file.

It is written primarly for Mac OS X users, but since Subversion itself works the same on all platforms, most of this tutorial should apply to Linux or Windows users, too.

Subversion works by setting up a central repository on a server or local computer that every user connects to and downloads a personal working copy from.

These characters have the following meaning: A character in the first column signifies an update to the actual file, whereas updates to the file's properties are shown in the second column. As with most subcommands, you can limit the scope of the update operation to a particular tree depth using the , the update operation will omit or reenlist individual working copy members by modifying their recorded ambient depth to the depth you specify (fetching information from the repository as necessary).

See the section called “Sparse Directories” for more about sparse directories.