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suggest that further studies may be necessary before reaching firm conclusions.» [8] Mitochondrial DNA haplogroups influence AIDS progression.

[10]Mitochondrion : 30 Mitochondrial haplogroup T is associated with coronary artery disease [11]Mitochondrial DNA haplotype ‘T’ carriers are less prone to diabetes « Mathilda’s Anthropology Blog [12]«Elsewhere it has been reported that membership in haplogroup T may offer some protection against Alexander Belovzheimer Disease (Chagnon et al.

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Our busy modern lives make it hard to meet new people, so more and more of us are turning to technology to find that special someone.

Once the last resort for lonely hearts, online dating has become socially acceptable, even widespread – 4.7 million British people visited a dating site during 2008.

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Use the addressed envelope supplied for returning the brushes.

[1]Different genetic components in the Norwegian population revealed by the analysis of mt DNA & Y chromosome polymorphisms [2]Mitochondrial DNA haplogroups influence AIDS progression.

[3]Natural selection shaped regional mt DNA variation in humans [4]Ruiz-Pesini E, Lapeña AC, Díez-Sánchez C, et al. «Human mt DNA haplogroups associated with high or reduced spermatozoa motility».

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