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The company won two gold medals for their work: one at the Exhibition of American Art History and one later that year at the Exhibition Universelle, in Paris.

William Taylor purchased the company in 1890, when Nichols moved overseas.

Rookwood Pottery was founded in 1880, in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Maria Longworth Nichols Storer.

The Rookwood name comes from her family estate, Rookwood, named for the crows (rooks) inhabiting the estate and also to remind customers of Wedgwood. They also produced some tile, bookends, paperweights, etc.

Appraiser affiliations: Finally, the affiliation of the appraiser may have changed since the appraisal was recorded.

Although our valuations are based on research and experience, opinions can, and sometimes do, vary among experts.

William Watts Taylor joined the company as production manager in 1883 and the company finally started to make a profit.

Premier was just a small firm and never produced comprehensive catalogues of their wares.

This website is an attempt to compile such a catalogue.

William Watts Taylor introduced a more structured production process by involving a large number of artists whose works were characterized by slip-painting, resulting in low relief, together with glazes in a variety of colours.

The artists themselves slip-painted moulded bodies using atomized sprayers with different colours of slip.