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when the Anasazi Indians of North America discovered Turquoise in the Cerrillos Hills.Silver Indian Jewelry began about 1860 when Atsadi Sani learned the trade from the Spaniards.Small stones, cluster, or inlay and you have a reason to believe the work is Zuni.The piece is all silver, overlay, and the bottom oxidized part has a very fine texture and you just might have a piece of Hopi work.These indigenous American peoples jewelry consist of all types including bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings; and are made from numerous materials including turquoise, bone, precious stones, semi-precious stones, silver, antlers, porcupine quills, and copper.Today there are still many Native American artists who handcraft both men's jewelry and women's jewelry many of which can be found for sale online.These discoveries not only show us the social status of jewelry at the time but also give us a little insight into the economic development of Native Americans.

The format is kid-friendly and easily readable for all ages. This might be a question we hear a dozen times a day, and the person who asks expects us to know.Sometimes we just don’t know and that is when the fun begins.The dominant tribes still creating Indian jewelry are the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni.The Zuni and Hopi tribes lived in the southwest and picked up some of their ideas from the Navajo.These pieces often involved tribesmen carving the turquoise into different shapes and drilling a hole through one side to string along a cord.