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After one of the two commissioned ships was deemed unworthy for travel, in September 1620 the group of 102 passengers later dubbed “pilgrims” sailed forth from England on the The troubled journey took more than two months, and due to harsh weather and being forced off course, the vessel arrived a significant distance from their planned destination, in Cape Cod, where Bradford's wife fell overboard and drowned.

Soon afterward Bradford and the other male travelers signed the colonial contract known as the Mayflower Compact, a document emphasizing self-governance.

William Bradford was believed to have been born in Austerfield, Yorkshire, England, in March 1590, with records indicating his baptism being held around this time.

His parents died early in his childhood, leaving Bradford in the care of various relatives.

Michael "John" Moore Sheila and their children Sarah, Simon and Allison extend an invitation...So if you’ll bear with me while I get on my soapbox for a few minutes, I’d like to finally explain why I started The League.When I got an academic scholarship to Carnegie Mellon to study computer science, I never thought twice about how education and career would affect my dating establish a colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where Bradford became longtime governor after a devastating winter.He died in 1657, with much of the history of the settlement recorded in his two-volume work, .The Life of Philip Larkin' (2005) that 'Bradford is in such complete command of the subject matter that nothing escapes him. He writes occasionally for The Spectator and has been commissioned as authorised biographer of Alan Sillitoe.