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Dating antique furniture nails

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Call The Pirate's Lair 540-659-6209 and Antique Trunks in general.These beautifully restored authentic Dome Top (also known as hump back, humpback or camel back) and Flat Top Trunks are circa 1840 to 1900 and many have literally travelled around the world many times over before coming to you!While the joint had been refined and perfected it was still too difficult to be made by a machine.Some progress had been made by the use of jigs to help guide the hand-powered saws in their cutting but essentially the dovetail was the last hold out of hand work in a machine era.

By the end of the 18th century some progress had been made in furniture technology.The head of the nail was formed either by simply turning it over to form an L-shape or by striking a hand-held mould or 'bore' over the end of the shank to produce a shaped end such as a 'rose-head', a simple four sided pyramid shape.However, being hand-forged, the variety of shapes and forms are infinite.Note the two in the above photos, both are Dome Top, Hump Back or Camel Back models and each is 100 to 150 years old.One of the first things to be looked at when trying to determine the age of a piece of older or antique furniture is the type of joinery used in the construction of the piece.The pliers hold the studs in place as you gently tap them with the mallet (to avoid damaging the pretty finish on the nailhead, if there is one). A conservative way to proceed would be to follow the curves and lines of an upholstered chair or sofa.