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Bind updating zone file

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I'd like to avoid having to "rndc freeze && rndc thaw" for fear of missing a dynamic update from the DHCP server.Does anyone know how to get the updated records synchronized between views more effectively/efficently, or can shed some light on where I may be going wrong? ( 2009025039 ; serial 900 ; refresh 15 600 ; retry 10 86400 ; expire 1 day 900 ; minimum 15 min ) NS ns1. $TTL 30 AEGIS A TXT "31bdb9b3dec929e051f778dda5abd0dfc7" $TTL 86400 ts-router A A A A A A A A A A A ts-server A ts-squid0 A ts-squid1 A $TTL 600 tssw4 A tssw5 A tssw6 A tssw7 A ; wash rinse repeat for more hosts $TTL 30 wintermute A TXT "003f141e5bcd3fc86954ac559e8a55700" Different views act separately, it's essentially a convenience over running separate instances of named.3.1 Edit /etc/bind/local: # # Make sure to change the ddns update style to interim: ddns-update-style interim; ignore client-updates; # Overwrite client configured FQHNs ddns-domainname ""; ddns-rev-domainname ""; # option definitions common to all supported networks... subnet .0 netmask The dns database files are now being rewritten by the bind service.option domain-name "home.lan"; option domain-name-servers lan; default-lease-time 600; max-lease-time 7200; # If this DHCP server is the official DHCP server for the local # network, the authoritative directive should be uncommented. Some people have mentioned that they think that bind messes up these files so that they are impossible to maintain.Here's the quick and dirty: On BIND9 with a dynamic zone that's shared between views, doing a nsupdate, updating/creating/deleting a record will work fine if I query for that record from a client that falls into the same view I did the nsupdate from.Querying from a view that the same as the one I used to nsupdate will throw NXDOMAIN (if adding a new record) or will show old record information in the event of a change/update until some arbitrary length of time (say 15 minutes) passes, or I forcibly do doesn't appear to do anything at all to resolve the issue -- I was hoping it was just a journal file thing since the journal flushes are documented to flush around 15 minutes.

If you have followed the steps in my previous post you might have your zone database files in /etc/bind/zones.

Information The steps in this post shows how to configure the DHCP server to automatically update the DNS records when giving out a new lease to a client computer. Before continuing These steps assumes that you already have a working copy of dhcp3-server and bind9 installed.

If you don’t have that I suggest that you first read my two other posts on how to install them: Setting up a DNS for the local network on the Ubuntu Hardy Heron server Setting up a DHCP server on Ubuntu Hardy Heron Step by step instructions Apparently the Ubuntu server is installed with an App Armor profile that prevents bind to write to the /etc/bind directory.

Edit: BIND 9.9.5/Ubuntu 14.04 but it happened on previous versions of both Ubuntu and BIND. As requested by Andrew B, here's the redacted (and partial) zone: $ORIGIN . If there are zones with the same name in different views this is just a coincidence, they are still entirely separate zones, no more related than any other zones.

Having multiple separate zones use the same zone file does not work in situations where bind is updating the zone contents on its own (slave zones, zones with dynamic updates, etc).