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piece launched a hot debate about race and the media prompting a long response from the paper's public editor on Wednesday.
Boxx is best known as an equipment production company with various reality shows in development.

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(Interview excerpt from 2001: “When is your birthday? ” “Becoming interesting.”)The idea of the two of them living together during this time is staggering. I have dated some weird girls–uh, can I get a witness? Chan Marshall is a jaw-dropper, but it feels too close to bedding a nubile mentally disabled woman. Once I was seeing a fellow Smog obsessive, and we realized that we had attended the same in-store concert.

She said about the show, “I spent the whole 45 minutes thinking about him impregnating me.” Those were her exact words.

In her new novelized account “The Swans of Fifth Avenue” (Delacorte Press), author Melanie Benjamin reimagines the glittering friendships Capote so diligently cultivated.

Benjamin rightly focuses most on the bond between the writer and Babe Paley, whom Capote worshipped. P had only one fault: she was perfect,” he wrote in his diary.

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" where he joined his sister Cordis Heard, also playing a superhero. You have two or three takes to get your part right, and if you have a problem, well by the time you figure it out, everyone's moved on to the next scene.

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“And when that bullet is fired from the gun, it’s going to come out with a speed and power like you’ve never seen — wham! But in 1975, against his editor’s advice, he published that completed chapter in Esquire magazine.

It destroyed everything: Capote’s friendships, his reputation, his social standing and his desire to write. Critics and readers alike were appalled that he so easily exposed his friends and all their scandals, from adultery to murder.